Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh The 70's

 A while back my cousin and I pooled our old photo's and scanned some of each others collections.  So I am continuing the Vintage Picture Theme. What can be said of the 70's fashion except thank goodness there are over! 
Warning picture heavy.

 Mom In The Famous Sun Hat

 Mom On Vacation With Dad (before me)

Dapper Dad On The Same Vacation

ROH OH Here Comes Trouble (Me) 1972

Grandmas Second Wedding To My Favourite Grandparent Ever 
(I have a whole post on him here)

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa (I'm 1 here)

I'm Two In These

 2 years

 Introducing My Baby Sis (1975)

Me Loving  Hugging My Sister To Death (1979)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy's Side

Another Picture Heavy Post ...My Daddy's Side

I often sit and ready Vintage blogs they are my escape & kick back time, but rarely have anything even remotely "Vintage" To post about :-(
My life as a Yoga teacher doesn't offer many Vintage moments, and even when I go out it it mostly casual Levi's & Chucks kinda moments so hardly photo worthy lol.
But I recent scanned  some amazing old photo's of my Family from my cousin that I think are worth a share

Grandpa (Jack DeGraff)

Grandma Violet (DeGraff)

My Handsome Daddy (Roger Degraff)

Dad is Third From The Left
Dad Is Second From The Left

The Young Violet

The Young Jack

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vintage Yoga?

While Googling "Vintage Yoga" (2 of my fave things) Hoping To Find Some Outfit Ideas Decent Enough To Teach In ....I found A Wonderus Amount Of Old Photo's To Share. Since I Am Always Looking For Blog Ideas (And Because I found Soooo Much Material) I am Starting A Monthly Vintage Yoga Series. Finally Something Vintage To Blog About!

Who Better To Kick This Off Than The King Himself Enjoy!