Friday, July 13, 2012

The Amazing Len Cook

My maternal Grandmother's second husband was the most amazing man!
He was the only Grandpa that I was close to. He was a very special man. He passed away when I was still quite young, it was very hard on me.

Among his many passions and occupations were things like Magician, Race Car Driver and Creator of Robots! He passed away when I was still quite young here are some tidbits of his enchanting life. 

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Tiny Len Cook


This on the go fix it shop eventually became a brick and mortar shop

 My Favourite Picture Of Him 

 He Was Quite Adventurous

 Grandpa And His Robot. Her Name Was Of Junk Because That Is What He Made Her Out Of. 

RIP Grandpa OX

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Momma's Side

I often sit and ready Vintage blogs they are my escape & kick back time, but rarely have anything even remotely "Vintage" To post about :-(
My life as a Yoga teacher doesn't offer many Vintage moments, and even when I go out it it mostly casual Levi's & Chucks kinda moments so hardly photo worthy lol.
But I recent scanned  some amazing old photo's of my Family from my cousin that I think are worth a Share
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Mom's Side
 My Mom her siblings I love how my Grandma used the same fabric for each dress yet made them all unique

 My Beautiful RIP Aunt Conny who's nose & forehead I inherited

 My Grandpa And My Mom's Horse "Dolly"

 My Grandma & Grandma's Wedding

 Grandma & The Motorcycle

 Mom (on the right) and her siblings again

 Happy Birthday (not sure who's) mom's in the bottom right with the toothy grin

 Grandma & Conny

 My Mom around the time she met my Dad

 My Aunt Conny's Wedding Pic 

I know What You Did Last Summer

Ok I know I am a horrible blogger ....I read but do not write! I spend most of my time teaching Yoga so there are very few if any Vintage outfits of the day for this Girl. So I will post a few random pictures of last summer. Summer has really only just started here so stay tuned for this summers Pics. 


Heritage Park Fathers Day


My Bike "Betty"

Some Random Summer Pictures Of Me

Our New Home Historic CP Railway Housing

The Annual Visit To Calaway Park

 Sorry About The Ass Shot

 Me Riding Some Rides

 My Cat's First  Ever Outdoor Adventure
 That's My "No Pictures Please" Smile

Happy 13 Year Anniversary Baby

So there you have you know what I did last Summer, I promise it won't so long with out a post this time <3