Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nanton AB, An Vintage And Antique Lovers Dream

Nanton AB, is just a mere 40 min drive from where I live In Calgary. Yet somehow I had not (until this year) been there since childhood. I wasn't until I saw Jessica from Chronically Vintage post about her vintage adventures while vacationing in Alberta that I even thought to check it out. Here was this little sleepy Gold Mine of town (if you love vintage and antiques) right in my back yard that I had no idea about.

So if you are ever in Alberta you must go check out the shops in Nanton. There is an Antique Walk  and several great shops to visit. My two favourites are Sentimental Journeys Antiques which is huge (three floors and has many many rooms on each floor) and Lost Ark. Sadly The Raven store which was also awesome has since closed down.

Sentimental Journeys Antiques (Image Source)

Lost Ark Antiques (Image Source)

I now look forward to heading to Nanton a couple of times a year and making a day of it. One word of caution though, there is no where to eat in Nanton if you have any major dietary restrictions like I do (no gluten, sugar or other sweeteners, no eggs, no soy) so I normally bring my own food for a healthy picnic.

Here's a shot of me all ready and excited to hit the road!

I'll post both images of things I bought and things I saw but didn't buy with the details under each image.

Things I bought:

I looked at this on two separate trips, the first time I was afraid to ask how much, the second trip I inquired and was ready to buy but it wouldn't fit in my nieces car. Then finally my sister took me with her SUV and voila it just fit. It's hard to see all the details on this screen but it is amazing up close.

Vintage 1950's Asian Themed Screen (bought from Lost Ark) 

Victorian Corner Shelf (bought at Sentimental Journeys Antiques)

Saw but didn't buy:

This Lady Head Vase was in amazing condition just missing a few pearls, I would have snagged her but I am holding out for a dark haired Lady.

Lady Head Vase (Lost Ark) 

I was very tempted by this little number, I have a thing for purses but I had my eye on that screen above.

Lucite Purse (Lost Ark)

A 1957 Elvgren beautiful but a bit pricey at $157

1957 Elvgren (Sentimental Journeys)

And some words of wisdom on the way out of town.

Goodbye Nanton see you in the spring

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oh The 60's

Oh The 60's  

I often sit and ready Vintage blogs they are my escape and kick back time, but rarely have anything even remotely "Vintage" To post about :-(
My life as a Yoga teacher doesn't offer many Vintage moments, and even when I go out it it mostly casual Levi's and Chucks kinda moments so hardly photo worthy lol.
But I recent scanned  some amazing old photo's of my Family from my cousin that I think are worth a Share 

Mom And Dad's Engagement Photo's

Mom and Dad's Wedding

Mom and Grandpa

Mom and Grandma

Whoa this looks serious

My Uncle Frank (RIP) and his soon to be wife

A 60's Christmas 


 Grandma And Uncle Leo

 Left To Right: Dad, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Terry, Uncle Frank, Uncle Leo 
(Aunt Conny must be taking the shot)

 Uncle Frank (left )and My Dad (right)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Levi's The Vintage Icon- How I Circled Back To My Old Favourite

I  hate shopping malls so it takes something pretty important to drag me into a mall. I had to go to the Apple Store today to get some help with my Mac Book, so while I was there figured I should go to the Levi's store. I have needed new jeans for over a year. After putting on a bit of weight, I was having a  serious muffin top issues and couldn't put off getting a larger size any longer.

Now normally two kinds of shopping drive me to drink and I'm sure many ladies can agree, shopping for Bra's and Jeans are the worst.

However my visit to the Levi's Store was so pain free and fast I started to wonder why I had ever strayed away from my beloved 501 button flies in the first place. I was having a Deja Vu full circle moment.

Now I have to say the High Waisted Vintage Jeans that alot of Vintage Loving Dolls love just aren't for me. I have a VERY short waist so if  I wear high waisted jeans I literally  have 1-2 inches space between my bust and the waist band of the jeans. I've also never liked the way my butt looks in high waisted jeans. I have a VERY round apple like butt (which I am pretty happy with and proud of) but high waisted jeans have always tended visually to widen my hips (and they are already 40") and flatten my bum into what I call "Mom Bum". 

So the ideal waist for my proportions is a low rise, but as of late (the last couple years) that is not the ideal for my belly. The low rise waist was giving me a muffin top. So just to see how it would go, I decided to revisit my beloved old favourite mens 501 button flies.

I am a Generation X gal (Gen X is said to be people born between 1960-1980), I was born almost dead centre in 1972. In my teen years (when I was finally able to choose my own jeans) I wore whatever was the trend for my tribe. Since I was a into Heavy Metal I wore Fancy Ass Jeans despite the fact that they looked awful on me (or anyone for that matter) because of my short waist. 

I even owed an pair of the infamous "quick zips" which sadly I could not find an image of.

However in my later teen - young adult years I started to transition from my Metal Head music and fashion into more Punk, Alternative and Grunge and so my wardrobe transitioned as well jeans and t-shirts were no longer tight. Wearing your boyfriends jeans became the thing and that is when I discovered mens 501's button flies for the first time. Love at first fit and the love affair is still going strong.

Me at 18 sporting my 501's in a roof top photo shoot.

In the 2000's my mens Levi's were replaced with women's Levi's (in favour of the low rise) and I even had a pair of second hand 7's for a while. However when the weight came I was lost about what jeans to wear and I floundered for a few years.

This recent rekindling had me thinking "why don't more vintage gals wear Levi's?" I read alot about Freddies and the like but not about Levi's which are a Historic American Vintage Classic. So many Iconic figures have worn them from James Dean to Marilyn Monroe. They sure were a staple in the 50's wardrobe (which came back in the 80 and 90's with the Gen X uniform, white T-shirts and biker jackets).

So in honour of Levi's here's a wee bit of history at glance 

  • 1873 the blue jean is born Levi Strauss and Jabob Davis receive the patent on riveting pants
  • 1918 Levi's produces it's first garment for women
  • 1934 "Lady" Levi's are introduced meant for women who want to wear jeans on western or dude ranches
  • 1936 the "red tab is introduced
  • 1941 US soldiers wear there jeans and jackets overseas giving there products there first international exposure
  • 1960 Levi's opens their first integrated factory in the south
The list is more detailed and goes forward from 1960 to today (see the full list click here)

I also found this little video on the History Of The 501 Jean

Me in my new 501 Jeans

Look Mom No Muffin Top

It's really hard to take pictures of your own butt

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Yoga Part 2

Vintage Yoga Part 2

Very few people know that Marylin Monroe herself was a Yogini (or Yogi Bombshell) as it was called in 1948) here are some beautiful shots of America's most iconic Pin Up Doing Yoga.

  Dhanurasana (bow pose)

Marylin Loved Her Shoulderstands & Plow Pose 
(Sarvangasana & Halasana)

And she was fond of spontaneous Headstands (Sirsasana)

Looks Like Marylin had tight hamstrings like me 
Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana) 

And a little core work in (Navasana) 

3  Om's  for Marilyn (wink)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh The 70's

 A while back my cousin and I pooled our old photo's and scanned some of each others collections.  So I am continuing the Vintage Picture Theme. What can be said of the 70's fashion except thank goodness there are over! 
Warning picture heavy.

 Mom In The Famous Sun Hat

 Mom On Vacation With Dad (before me)

Dapper Dad On The Same Vacation

ROH OH Here Comes Trouble (Me) 1972

Grandmas Second Wedding To My Favourite Grandparent Ever 
(I have a whole post on him here)

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa (I'm 1 here)

I'm Two In These

 2 years

 Introducing My Baby Sis (1975)

Me Loving  Hugging My Sister To Death (1979)