Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nanton AB, An Vintage And Antique Lovers Dream

Nanton AB, is just a mere 40 min drive from where I live In Calgary. Yet somehow I had not (until this year) been there since childhood. I wasn't until I saw Jessica from Chronically Vintage post about her vintage adventures while vacationing in Alberta that I even thought to check it out. Here was this little sleepy Gold Mine of town (if you love vintage and antiques) right in my back yard that I had no idea about.

So if you are ever in Alberta you must go check out the shops in Nanton. There is an Antique Walk  and several great shops to visit. My two favourites are Sentimental Journeys Antiques which is huge (three floors and has many many rooms on each floor) and Lost Ark. Sadly The Raven store which was also awesome has since closed down.

Sentimental Journeys Antiques (Image Source)

Lost Ark Antiques (Image Source)

I now look forward to heading to Nanton a couple of times a year and making a day of it. One word of caution though, there is no where to eat in Nanton if you have any major dietary restrictions like I do (no gluten, sugar or other sweeteners, no eggs, no soy) so I normally bring my own food for a healthy picnic.

Here's a shot of me all ready and excited to hit the road!

I'll post both images of things I bought and things I saw but didn't buy with the details under each image.

Things I bought:

I looked at this on two separate trips, the first time I was afraid to ask how much, the second trip I inquired and was ready to buy but it wouldn't fit in my nieces car. Then finally my sister took me with her SUV and voila it just fit. It's hard to see all the details on this screen but it is amazing up close.

Vintage 1950's Asian Themed Screen (bought from Lost Ark) 

Victorian Corner Shelf (bought at Sentimental Journeys Antiques)

Saw but didn't buy:

This Lady Head Vase was in amazing condition just missing a few pearls, I would have snagged her but I am holding out for a dark haired Lady.

Lady Head Vase (Lost Ark) 

I was very tempted by this little number, I have a thing for purses but I had my eye on that screen above.

Lucite Purse (Lost Ark)

A 1957 Elvgren beautiful but a bit pricey at $157

1957 Elvgren (Sentimental Journeys)

And some words of wisdom on the way out of town.

Goodbye Nanton see you in the spring

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