Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oh The 60's

Oh The 60's  

I often sit and ready Vintage blogs they are my escape and kick back time, but rarely have anything even remotely "Vintage" To post about :-(
My life as a Yoga teacher doesn't offer many Vintage moments, and even when I go out it it mostly casual Levi's and Chucks kinda moments so hardly photo worthy lol.
But I recent scanned  some amazing old photo's of my Family from my cousin that I think are worth a Share 

Mom And Dad's Engagement Photo's

Mom and Dad's Wedding

Mom and Grandpa

Mom and Grandma

Whoa this looks serious

My Uncle Frank (RIP) and his soon to be wife

A 60's Christmas 


 Grandma And Uncle Leo

 Left To Right: Dad, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Terry, Uncle Frank, Uncle Leo 
(Aunt Conny must be taking the shot)

 Uncle Frank (left )and My Dad (right)

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  1. What amazing photographs, how lucky you are to have them! I love your mom's dress in the engagement photographs, and your grandma's at Christmas. Lovely ladies, and a fabulous peek into the past; thanks for sharing!