Saturday, July 7, 2012

I know What You Did Last Summer

Ok I know I am a horrible blogger ....I read but do not write! I spend most of my time teaching Yoga so there are very few if any Vintage outfits of the day for this Girl. So I will post a few random pictures of last summer. Summer has really only just started here so stay tuned for this summers Pics. 


Heritage Park Fathers Day


My Bike "Betty"

Some Random Summer Pictures Of Me

Our New Home Historic CP Railway Housing

The Annual Visit To Calaway Park

 Sorry About The Ass Shot

 Me Riding Some Rides

 My Cat's First  Ever Outdoor Adventure
 That's My "No Pictures Please" Smile

Happy 13 Year Anniversary Baby

So there you have you know what I did last Summer, I promise it won't so long with out a post this time <3

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